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I'm on the go a lot, from kids sports to working out.  I also work from home running my online boutique, so I like to be comfortable most days!  In addition to the pieces I keep from my boutique, I like to add in some basics and staples from Amazon.  Here are my top choices for the winter.  

1. A good basic white button down


2. A long sleeve workout tee is a must to wear to and from the gym.  I like this one because you can use the thumbholes and still see your smart watch!



3. A long puffer vest is so versatile  I can wear it with just about anything including the workout tee, white button down or a sweater.


4. I have so many leggings, but a good black pair with a pocket is a must have.  I can not only workout in them, but wear them with a sweater to the grocery store or library with the kids.

5. I actually had this sweatshirt in my boutique this fall and saw it for cheaper on Amazon :(  I wanted to try it out because its a good Kentucky blue!

6. A good casual sneaker is a must have to wear with my black leggings or jeans.  I love this pink and navy combination, two of my favorite colors!

7. A white sneaker is also a must have and you can't go wrong with this classiv Tretorn. I also love Keds!

8. I also keep a brown wedge bootie in rotation for lunch with friends or a casual night out.  These are comfortable and classic,

9. I don't wear a lot of jewelry so I like the simplicity of the layered necklace. 

10. A Classic tan purse by Marc Jacobs is never a bad purchase.  This will last you for a decade!

11. I don't leave the house without water.  I like the Stanley cups for the size and the fact that they fit in the cup holder!

12. These belt bags are great for running errands or going to the gym.  Easy to wear and so convenient.

13. A winter beanie is a must have and I love one with a big pom pom!

14. Finally, I don't leave the house with our my apple watch either.  It helps with my notifications, keeping me accountable for my steps and finding my phone :)

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